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Jill Yashinsky-Wortman,

Executive, Life, & Mom Coach

Almost 20 years ago, I moved cross country to follow my passion of working with students in higher education.  My work focused on supporting college students in emerging and crisis situations. These roles taught me the importance of empathy, support, humor and powerful questions while also being direct and setting boundaries. 


The reward for innovative high performance is, of course, more responsibility; as I was promoted and continuously advanced in my career, my love of my own life was declining. I was ready to do something else, but what?  That's when a series of events forever transformed me and my trajectory.


I found Co-Active Coaching, one of the most rigorous and longest established coaching programs in the world and began to take their courses. And just as I was diving into coaching, life took an even bigger turn.


I lost a baby mid-pregnancy and learned the depths of grief only a mom can understand. I tuned out the world, surrounding myself with only family and a few very close friends. It took everything I had to keep going, but I knew this was sacred, challenging time. I listened to my heart and quit my "career" in higher ed. We moved to acres of land in the country, filling it with gardens and chickens. I followed passion for coaching. Four years later, I'm living my best life.

I'm a wife and mom of three kids, two who I love on every day and my angel baby who is always in my heart. In my spare time (what spare time?), I'm a hobby chicken farmer, gardener, avid reader, and lover of silliness with my family and friends. My life as a professional and mom lead to the creation of Momentum Coaching & Consulting, and helping moms rediscover their (mom)entum.  Click around, learn more, and get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

Professional Bio

Jill has coached leaders in industries across the globe, empowering them to lead as their most authentic, powerful selves, take definitive action and accomplish their goals, personally and professionally. She has more than 400 hours coaching leaders from a variety of industries and organizations. Past clients have lead successful global teams, transformed education, created mission and equity based work places, started small businesses, improved outdated manufacturing practices, directed Fortune 500 companies, excelled in communication, earned promotions, and more.

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), the second highest accreditation offered by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) by the Co-Active Training Institute

  • Trained Playing Big Facilitator with best-selling author Tara Mohr, helping women overcome their inner critics and fear, and live boldly

  • Certified Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner a strengths-based model that helps people and organizations leverage their strengths to take them to the next levels of happiness and success

  • Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University

  • Bachelors of Arts in Communications from St. Norbert College

  • Trained facilitator and speaker who can create powerful intimate conversations with small groups to  energetic and engaging presentations for groups of 500 and beyond

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