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Inner Critic Work

The secret to crushing your self doubt and hesitations isn't getting rid of them.  It's learning to recognize them and NOT take their directions. When we notice this negative inner chatter, we gain the power to step away from it. Let's help you step away from that chatter and gain new confidence.

Confident Woman
Confident Woman

Crush Your Inner Critic Workshop

This 90 minute online or in person workshop will teach you how to recognize the  negative inner chatter and self doubt (we call it the "inner critic") that holds you back.  You'll learn the typical qualities of the inner critic and how to recognize its voice. You'll go deeper into recognizing its traits and characteristics and learn immediately applicable tools that help you put your inner critic in its proper place. 

Professional Woman Portrait

Inner Critic Bootcamp 2.0

If you've already learned how to recognize your inner critic, you're ready to level up.  In this workshop, you'll learn advanced tools to quiet your inner critic and meet your inner critic's arch nemesis, a guide so powerful you'll be blown away. You'll walk away with innovative tools and an internal mentor to help you achieve even greater success keeping your inner critic at a bay.

Professional Young Woman
Professional Woman

Inner Critic Coaching

If you're ready to take on your inner critic in a personalized and highly specialized way, inner critic coaching is for you.  Click below to schedule a complementary coaching call to learn more.

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