" Well worth the time- taking a couple of hours out of regular life to stop, reflect, be honest and to reset.  Walking away with actionable items is a huge plus- and just the beginning of a new journey!"

-Kori, past participant

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It's time for YOU to have more JOY

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What would it be like to live with more joy?  What if the next time you were lying awake at night, it was because you were so full of excitement and curiosity? What is your heart yearning for more of?  If any of these questions cause you to pause or wonder, this workshop is for you. Joy Journeys are those adventures that encourage us to see, seek and explore possibilities for more happiness in our lives.


During this workshop, we use a variety of creative activities and interactive tools to help you reflect on current dreams, discover new possibilities, and make courageous, tangible plans for exploring new joy. You'll walk away with excitement at the JOY that is possible for YOU!


Still reading? Its time to sign up. Join a community of like-minded joy seekers and enjoy connection (and coffee) on the journey!

The next open session of Joy Journeys will likely be in late summer, BUT I've got better news!  Public workshops aren't your only opportunity!  You can host a JOY JOURNEYS WORKSHOP anywhere!  What would it be like to hosting a gathering of close friends at your house over great snacks and beverages?  What about at a local brewery or winery? A yoga studio?  With your small group or faith community?  The possibilities are endless and fun! 

This workshop is unlike any “party” selling leggings, nail colors, make up, oils, food prep and storage solutions, or any tangible item (although some of those ROCK!). The activities you do and things you learn in this workshop can be used to help you live a happier, fuller life Every. Single. Day.  This workshop celebrates YOU and all of your potential, and helps you discover and live into more JOY!  Think of it as a party for your heart and soul. As a coach, my passion is helping you increase your self awareness, set reachable goals, and live more fully. This workshop will help you do exactly that!


Hosts invite their favorite people, and I'll work with you along they way to make it simply and easy! Private workshops also have less overhead costs allowing participants to partake at a lower cost. And, as a thank you for graciously hosting, you can earn a free one hour power coaching session!


You may have been to a ton of "parties" selling you things before, but you've never hosted or been to a workshop like this!  It's time to invest in you!

Get in touch to find out more about hosting a private workshop!

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