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Calm Woman

Without your guidance and our coaching sessions I would have taken an entirely different approach to this year of COVID.  Before our coaching sessions,  I lacked the confidence in my leadership at work and as a mother.  I was struggling with juggling it all and not giving it enough.  Through this process,  I have learned so much about myself.  Your words and ideas have pushed me in better directions.  I am able to focus on the different areas of my life individually and not bring so much energy from work into my home.  I can focus on my kids when I am with them.  Most importantly, you provided tools that I can use and carry with me in new situations.  You held me accountable and effortlessly made me dive in to issues I was reluctant to address.  I approach issues and conflict in a healthier way.  I am able to look at different points of view and not immediately jump to conclusions based on the stories I am making up in my head


I find myself feeling so grateful for you. I’ve never hired a coach to work with me on my stuff that seemingly lives parallel to my business but are obviously not separate nor compartmentalized. Playing big and digging deep with you has been a large source of growth for me these past months and I know it echoes into my future. The investment in myself has been worth it and your candid brand of coaching is exactly what I needed, especially for this season as we dissected the big event I faced that prompted reaching out. I wouldn’t trade it for anything . It feels essential now.


Confident Businesswoman
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“Working with Jill helps me add context and depth to my work, my choices, and most importantly, getting out of my own way. Her style meets me where I am and has helped me traverse a wide array of topics and themes in a manner that is consistent with my leadership style, and the leader I aspire to become. I look forward to our sessions together and leave them ready to take on the next slate of challenges ahead!” 

When I started working with Jill, I felt so stuck where I was and didn’t see a way to get to where I wanted to go. Jill helped me to find different avenues and choices that highlighted my values. I learned more about who I am as a human, my needs, and how to advocate for myself. My coaching sessions with Jill have empowered me to make the choices to change my life for the better! Truly wouldn’t be where I am right now if it wasn’t for working with her! Beyond grateful!" 


Male Therapist
Confident Businesswoman


I felt empowered, capable, understood, taken seriously, heard, and loved.





I just wanted to send you a quick note of heartfelt thanks for helping make a very hard and weird year a little kinder, more encouraging, and helping break some shit that had held me back for too long.



Advertising CEO



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