For a moment, think of something you want, personally or professionally, that you can't seem to figure out on your own.  You know your life would feel more full, satisfying, and exciting if you could accomplish it. This is the purpose of coaching--helping you discover your strengths, build confidence, and take steps toward reaching those goals.  


Coaching sessions are typically 30-60 minutes every other week and  via phone, Zoom, or in person, however you are most comfortable. Coaching is like having your own supporter, challenger, and encourager all in one, and solely focused on what YOU want for YOU. If you aren't sure what to expect from coaching, check out the FAQ's

Momentum's owner, Jill Yashinsky-Wortman, is Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from the Co-Active Training Institute, one of the oldest, most well-respected and rigorous training programs in the world.  She's also Associate Coach Certified from the International Coaching Foundation(ICF) and trained as a Playing Big Facilitator with author and coach Tara Mohr. She's had 200+ hours of coach-specific classroom training and over 300 hundred of hours coaching clients. 

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