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Throughout her career, Jill has spoken to various audiences, tailoring messages for small and large groups (1000+) alike. She loves engagements that allow her to empower women.


To the right are some of her featured presentations.  Get in touch to request information, ask about tailoring presentations for your group, and get quotes for your next meeting, training or engagement.

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Overcoming Self-Doubt

Most women are overly familiar with the chatter of their inner critic, the constant voice of self-criticism that questions, doubts, and holds them back. The costs of this self-doubt are huge. It’s time to send the inner critic packing.


As a trained Playing Big Facilitator, Jill will help your attendees learn the typical qualities of the inner critic, the tactics it often uses, and when its likely to get loudest. Once attendees can label their critic’s voice, qualities, and themes, they’ll learn immediately applicable tools to gain perspective, quiet self-doubt and live with more confidence in their own lives.

Cultivating Self-Trust

As women, we have often been taught to doubt our instincts, question our emotions, seek external validation and have others help us decide what is best. We’ve been socialized to ignore the voice deep inside us. It’s time to reconnect with that voice that truly knows what's best for us, our own voice of inner wisdom. 


In this presentation, attendees learn how to reconnect with their deepest, truest self, and live using that voice as a guiding light. The answer isn't outside of women-- it's relearning to trust what's inside of them.

Receiving Feedback

We’ve heard a million presentations about how to give feedback. Let’s talk about something much more important—how to receive it. If you cringe anytime someone asks, “Can I offer you some feedback?”, this presentation is for you. We’ll look at the reasons why getting feedback is hard and reframe the meanings behind feedback. Then, we’ll create a “feedback footprint” to help you be in the best possible mental space to receive and apply tools to transform feedback into meaningful action. Because it doesn’t matter how good someone is at giving feedback; it’s you, the receiver, who is in control of what happens next.


“Getting Better at Boundaries” helps people navigate boundary challenges that occur in personal and professional situations. During this presentation, we talk about what makes boundary setting difficult, how to set boundaries, and ways to respond to boundary violations. Real life examples give attendees opportunities to consider what they would do and practice new response tools.

Participants will leave the presentation with:

  • Language around boundaries as a means to assure emotional health and safety;

  • Tools to help set and respond to boundary violations;

  • Methods to create boundaries in the workplace and beyond.

Empowering Women to Play Bigger

This presentation combines three topics Jill has spent countless hours working with her female coaching clients on: overcoming self-doubt, new ways to evaluate feedback, and claiming their knowledge, talents, and ways of leading. 

In this presentation, Jill gives attendees specific ways to identify and manage their self doubt. Then, we talk about what makes receiving feedback so hard, and how we can reframe feedback and evaluate how to use it toward strategic goals. Finally, we discuss behaviors that hold women back from advancing at work, things like constantly perfecting work and always giving credit to the team while leaving their own contributions behind.  Attendees emerge with specific, actionable tools that will allow them to play bigger in their own personal and professional lives.

From Burnout to Balance

The last few years have exhausted everyone. From homeschooling to remote work to requirements to be back in the office, we all found ourselves running on fumes.  And let's not forget the essential workers who were asked to give everything during the pandemic.


Participants will learn the difference between stress and burnout and figure out which one they are closer to. Then, they'll learn ways to mitigate burnout, take small, actionable steps toward making change, and identify their priorities for personal and professional balance.  

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