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A Little Happier, Sometimes

The email title showed up in my inbox on December 31, a day I use to set my intentions for the next year. And for some reason, the title or the part that showed up in the bold preview feature struck me: "A Little Happier, Sometimes,..." What a powerful metaphor for the changes that are possible.

When you hear about all of those new gym memberships, diets, and other "resolutions" that often come at the drop of a magical ball on January 1, the intentions for those changes are good. People are attempting something new for a positive return in their life. And the news stories, gym rats, and health coaches will tell you that three months later, some people aren't still on those same paths. Why? Because they've done an all or nothing approach.

And that's why this email lead hits a cord. Instead of being always happy all the time, what if we were a little happier sometimes? And what if once we accomplished that first level of sometimes, we could build on that to achieve happier "more often that not"? The American Psychological Association (APA) reinforces the idea of using appropriately paced changes to make resolutions and change stick.

The same can be true in organizations. Some changes have to be appropriately scaled to be able to make and sustain the change. And those changes are more successful with champions who want to help make them happen. In many ways, these champions are the accountabilibuddies. (Oh, and the APA recommends this too!) So if you, or your organization is trying to make a change, try celebrating and encouraging those incremental movements toward better things happening even when they happen sometimes. And then, when sometimes has become more likely than not, celebrate the heck out of it. You're building habits and changing cultures that are sustainable.

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