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How Old is 40?

As I approach the 11th anniversary of my 29th birthday (read: 40), I'm fascinated how the concept of age changes over time.

In my final two years of high school, I coached sixth grade soccer in my off season, attempting to teach 30 eleven-year-old's that soccer was not swarm ball. At the end of practice one Wednesday, I was sharing with the kiddos everything they needed to know for the next day's game. Jerseys, socks, shin guards, water bottles, snacks, what time to be at the field, and most importantly, that my mom was coming to watch them play. One of the girls looked up at me with wide eyes and said,

"Your mom is STILL ALIVE?"

To this day, I'm not sure how old they thought I (or my mom) was.

Fast forward a few years. I was in college and helping coach a high school travel team. One weekend, we ventured to an adjacent state for a tournament. The guy I was dating at the time, from another bordering state, traveled to the tournament to spend time with me. When my high school players saw him, one of them got giddy and exclaimed, "Are you going to marry him!!!??" My 19 or 20 year old self almost choked. Hell no.

Our concepts of age change so much as we get older (and wiser!). I used to think 40 was OLD. Now it seems so young with so many adventures yet to come. And I'm pretty proud of my almost 40 year old self. While I'm remain constantly committed to growing and evolving, I'm pretty content with my sweet, salty, beautifully chaotic, authentic self.

But don't ask me about turning 60.

I've continued to build my 40ish before 40ish list of things I want to do. The list includes practical things, adventures I want to take, and a few *scandalous* things. I'm continuing to reflect and talk with people I love to garner their insights. If you've got wisdom to share about age or turning 40, I'd love to hear it.

I'll include my final 40ish Before 40ish list in my next email.

P.S. Mom, don't read it if you don't want the scandalous things.(Love you!)


Sometimes, It's Just Not Right.

Many of you saw me shout from the rooftops that I'll be presenting at Gonzaga's Women Lead conference this March. And I am truly THRILLED to be there again. But, in shouting it, I realized that I wasn't loving my self-selected presentation topic. So I reached out to the incomparable Sherri Lynch, who coordinates the conference, and asked to change my topic. She cheered me on enthusiastically! (Have I mentioned how much I love her?)

So, new topic! I'll be doing the follow up to last year's Crush Your Inner Critic. This year, I'll be sharing, "The Answer Isn’t Outside of You: It’s Time to Meet Your Inner Mentor." As women, we have often been taught to doubt our instincts, question our emotions, seek external validation and have others help us decide what is best. We’ve been socialized to ignore the voice deep inside us. It’s time to reconnect with that quiet knowledge, the voice of our inner mentor, a voice that has been patiently waiting.

If you can't attend the conference (which seriously, move your life, change the schedule, just GET THERE!!!), you can sign up to attend one of my independent workshops here.

Let this be your gentle reminder that if something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.


Upcoming Events

2023 has started out with a BANG! There are a ton of upcoming events I'm thrilled to share with you: Jan 27- Meet Your Inner Mentor (online workshop) Feb 10/11- WE Ignite Virtual Conference (Burnout to Balance) Feb 17- Crush Your Inner Critic (online workshop) Feb 21- Meet Your Inner Mentor (online workshop) Feb 28- Passion & Possibilities (online workshop) Mar 8- Women Lead Conference at Gonzaga University (Meet Your Inner Mentor) Mar 16- Crush Your Inner Critic (online workshop) Mar 17- Meet Your Inner Mentor (online workshop) Mar 24- SCMS Women in Medicine Conference (Boundaries for Bad Assess) Mar 28- Boundaries for Bad Assess (online workshop) Mar 30- Passion & Possibilities (online workshop) And just a reminder if you're a current coaching client, you get access to any of my workshops for free. Interested in becoming a client? Schedule a complementary session here.


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