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When Things Don't Fit

(Originally published August 30, 2022)

Recently, a frantic text exchange occurred with my Moms Group. The topic? Low rise jeans. Because apparently everything we wore in high school and college was also recently featured in an ad from a large retailer with a bullseye type logo. What in the ever loving... It's pretty common for me to question fashion and why it has to continue to come back. My frugal side wonders why I didn't save everything. And my current mom-self wonders if it's cool to wear my spanx under these hip (no pun intended) low waisted jeans.

Cue frantic buying and hoarding of all the high waisted jeans. So here's your not so subtle reminder that just because something comes back into your life, you don't have to fit back into it. This is true for fashion, relationships, and even our jobs. As companies and organizations are requiring workers to return to the office and "quiet quitting" is all of a sudden loud, many clients have come to coaching talking about how their job no longer fits them. The last few years have changed them, and now they want to respond to that change. If you're starting to feel that unsettledness, ready to quiet quit, thinking about how to retire early, or just want to straight up Towanda your job, join me at the FREE Passion & Possibilities Workshop this upcoming Tuesday, September 7 from 12-1 PST. Whether you want to ponder a new job, rekindle hobbies, or simply find more joy, this quick, fun workshop is for you.

Coaching Updates

Thanks to everyone who honored my August "sabbatical" from new coaching clients. I've had an influx of coaching requests, so I've started a waiting list for September. Click below to save your spot and be first on the list for the next openings. Somehow, I recall something like this from dating. When you're not available, the inquiries come in...But I digress. Save My Spot


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