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(From newsletter originally published on Sept 5 2022 )

For about six months pre-pandemic, I was a health care administrator at the university I had previously worked at. Our clinic had doctors, nurses, medical assistants, a psychiatrist, a psychologist, counselors, and more than a few people support people who helped coordinate the healthcare crazy of college students. Most days, the clinic was BUSY, especially Monday mornings after college student weekend shenanigans. When it started to get really nutty, the nurse manager and I used to walk around saying, "It's fine. Everything is fine. We're fine. F.I.N.E." Frantic. Insane. Neurotic. Exhausted. And apparently that's not the only acronym for that word. Freaked out. Insecure. Nuts. Egotistical. F*cked Up. Irritated. Neurotic. Emotional. Feelings. Inside. Not. Expressed. Feeling. Inadequate. Need. Encouragement. Freaked out. Irritated. Nuts. Emotional. So if your job or life is feeling F.I.N.E., it's time to upgrade. You deserve more. Register for my free Passion & Possibilities Workshop, Wednesday, September 7 from 12:00-1:00 PST. Another one is coming up on October 18 at 12 PST. You can always check out my Eventbrite page to see upcoming workshops. P.S. You know that friend you have? The one who always says their job is fine but their body language tells you working there is more like trying to fend off the dementors from Harry Potter? Pass this on to them....

Hi! I'm Jill. Mom, wife, executive/life coach, hobby chicken farmer, chaos coordinator, youth soccer coach (Why did I agree to that again?), and human just trying to ensure my kids have bathed recently. I'm passionate about helping people live their best lives. I'd love to coach you toward yours. Schedule a complimentary session and learn what's possible for you.


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