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40ish Insights

Woah. You all are brilliant.

In my last email, I shared that I'm about to celebrate the 11th anniversary of my 29th birthday, and I'm building a list of 40(ish) things I want to do around my 40th birthday. I asked for your insights on what you wish you'd know and done, and if you haven't yet reached that milestone, who you hope to be.

Here's what I've gotten back so far:

  • Go inward. The answers aren't outside of you.

  • Learn to play the piano.

  • Eat the croissants.

  • I wish I would have learned to downhill ski.

  • Go to California and be a contestant on the Price is Right for my 40th birthday.

  • Get the divorce.

  • Go to all of the kids games. The work will not matter.

  • Maintain a healthy relationship with my children's father.

  • Focus on me and my priorities.

  • Tell all the truth in counseling. Tell them everything.

  • Get a degree.

  • Become the healthiest me.

  • Be in alignment with my heart.

  • Cultivate your relationship with yourself.

  • Stay in the now.

  • Women hit their sexual prime in their 40's. ENJOY.

  • Always follow your heart.

I even learned some things about my mom in gathering this. I won't tell you which nuggets of wisdom are hers. And no, mom, please don't comment on the second from last piece of insight above.

The list of what I'm committing to is still being formulated! Stay tuned for when I share it.

I'm continuing to collect insights and have started to formulate a list of people I want to have coffee with and listen to their words of wisdom. If you'd love to have coffee (virtually or in person) and share your wisdom, I'd love to listen.


2023 Women Lead Conference

I'm thrilled to hear how many of you have already registered for this year's Women Lead conference on March 8 and how many of your employers have paid for registrations for team members. YES!

(Hint, hint to those of you who are business owners and want to support your staff's professional and personal development...)

The conference theme is Celebrating Your Truest Self, focusing on empowering women to stop listening to the message of “There’s something wrong with you and that’s why you aren’t advancing in your career/getting fired/not happy at work.”

The day includes workshops on difficult conversations, feedback, communication, change, and more! There are incredible speakers including Janice Brown, Jessica Bonar, and Charitie Ropati, and an afternoon keynote by Amy Nelson, CEO and Founder of The Riveter.

I would LOVE to see you there!



There's this beautiful, bittersweet moment in coaching where some clients are ready to use all the things they have learned and "graduate" from regular sessions. It's incredible to watch and I miss them too. And, this is the only way I have room for my clients. Here's your notice that I have just TWO spots for new or returning clients. Let's make magic!


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