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Life has a way of making a clearing after something big happens. Sometimes these clearings are the things we have longed desired—a day off after a hellish week, that time at the spa after weeks and weeks of running like crazy, that fateful morning when you just happened to wake up earlier (or sleep in WAY later) than everyone else in your house and savor a moment of quiet solitude. Other times these clearings are abrupt, surprising, emotion-laden, and anything but what we would have wanted or chosen—getting fired from a job you love, losing a loved one, a longtime partner leaving. Each time one of these clearings happens, it takes a moment to get reoriented. Everything we once knew can feel unfamiliar. Often, even our own skin feels different. And yet, even in these moments, once we’ve brushed the dust off, wiped the tears away, and tried to refine normal, we have to start choosing our momentum, the directions we are going and energy we are taking with us on this new journey. (Mom)entum is coming from one of these unexpected clearings.

So, why (Mom)entum? Because, y’all, momming is hard! Yes, it’s amazing, powerful, incredible, the most rewarding thing we ever do, yada yada yada. And it’s also HARD. Like skin your knees over and over attempting to ride a bike, trying to ace a test you don’t know the answers to, pitching values and manners and being a good human to buyers you aren’t always sure are interested in what you’re selling, and waking up to find the coffee. Is. Out. HARD. And it’s equally hard feeling like you need to be everything to everyone, balance it all, show up with your best self (with clean clothes, good hygiene, etc.), get all the things done, oh, and keep all the things you are feeling in check with a smile on your face hard.

That’s why (Mom)entum. Because everything is moving around us, and it can feel like we don’t have control of all of the things (top secret universe secret here: you don’t, and it’s okay!). This blog is about finding and living your own (Mom)entum, and the momentum of the universe. You are more powerful, capable, beautiful, and amazing that you might have felt today, and if you had one of those days when you felt all of these things, dang, share it with the world and tell us how you did it.

Do you have to be a mom to be here? Nope. Nuggets of wisdom, heart striking truths, and those things that give you all the feels and rock you to your core can happen anywhere. So if you are finding something that adds to your positive energy and movement in the universe, this is your place too.

My hope is to fill this blog with things that give you hope, light, reflections, and practical, easy to do things that help you live and lean into your (Mom)entum today. Give us a follow on Facebook or Instagram (note to self: learn the Instagram…), and look for some pretty cool things to be unleashed over the next few weeks.

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