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You belong

This week's Saturday Short comes from Winthrop University. What would it be like if we had the safety and relative anonymity of darkness to open our soul? What would you hold up your light for? What are your truths?


* Is anyone here nervous for a new school year, for yourself, your students, your kiddos, your partner, or anyone else close to you?

* Who thinks making adult friends can be as awkward as dating?

* Who's got "adulting" stuff that they are handling Olivia Pope style?

* Is anyone living out the word(s) they decided on from a few posts ago?

* Who is inspired by the possibilities that could be ahead?

* Who has something exciting they have been thinking about, something you want to try but you aren't sure how to start?

* Who wants to try a FREE sample coaching session to see how we can unleash those possibilities?

If you were holding your light up at any of those last three, click "Get In Touch" and let's find a time to connect.

But even more important, this is a reminder that YOU BELONG on this earth, creating goodness and sharing your gifts with the world. Take this Saturday Short and go spread some love y'all. Help everyone you encounter today feel and know that they, too, belong.

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