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Glitter Pans, Flowers, and Weeds

My apologies for the radio silence! The move was all consuming. The greatest challenge was trying to keep the world normal for two little people, especially our oldest who has a much harder time adapting to change (one of my less endearing qualities that I passed on. Cue mom guilt). We waited until the last day before we moved everything to take anything out of his room, and I spent the first day in the new house ensuring that both kids' rooms were set back to as much normal as possible. This helped with some things, but the change led to a few days of tearful, sobbing drop offs at school. Thankfully, as the week went on they got better.

Moving also reminded me of how much better I do functioning with my home settled, organized and nested. I don't do well living in chaos. My home is my safe place, that comfortable retreat where an introvert can hibernate at the end of a day. Truth be told, I'm still exhausted from burning the candle at both ends trying to get all of the things in place. That being said, I've been savoring the little things. The tree frog that nestles into the upper corner of the front door every few days. The sound of the wind in the trees. The love and hard work of my parents who came out and did ALL. THE. THINGS. to perfect the new house and get the old house ready for rental. The feeling of accomplishment after being at Home Depot four days in a week and almost being able to navigate it! And today, we got internet reconnected. We are in a much more rural environment, so this is kind of a big deal. I'm relearning patience when websites don't immediately pop back up. But the trade offs are worth it.

This week, the universe has consistently reminded me that perspective is everything. Earlier this week, my three year old and I were running through a store trying to grab some things. I was trying to remember our list, and all of a sudden, my little one blurted out, "Mama, we need another glitter pan." I was so very, very confused, and inquired with my standard follow up question, "Tell me more." She proceeded to say, "You know, the pan that the kitty goes potty in. The glitter pan." OMG. I almost died laughing in the store. Yes, sweet thing, that is a glitter pan. A magical pan that when full means the cat hasn't spitefully reminded us of her displeasure of being moved to a new house. Yes, little one, that magical pan filled with "treasures" is a "glitter pan."

Where is one place that a tiny shift might change everything? What if the next time you wanted to use the word "but" you changed that "but" to an "and"? What possibilities might it open up to put things together instead of in mutually exclusive competition with one another? Try one little change in perspective, and see how your world opens up.

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