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Create Your 2021 Momentum

Hi all,

Recently, I was on Facetime with my Mom’s group, five other moms who I (used to) get together with on a regular (now scheduled Facetime) basis to talk life (pandemic survival), kiddos (tiny angels/dictators), and survival (still survival). Our conversation slipped to something about 2020 and one of them said, “I haven’t done ANYTHING.” FALSE! Oh my gosh—we’ve done everything. We learned how to see business, life, school and functioning in all kinds of new ways. We’ve learned how to survive interacting with only a limited number of people in real life. We can, in fact, be in the same spaces as our significant others for 96+ hours straight without killing anyone. Full disclosure, my weirdest pandemic moment might be when I went for my annual appointment (ladies out there, you know what I’m talking about). I was waiting for the doctor to come in when I thought, something isn’t right here…. I had forgotten to put my mask back on after stripping down and getting into that sweet hospital gown—and that’s what felt weird--no facemask. Like so many others, I’m ready to send this year on its merry way. And that’s saying it nicely.

So, with giddiness/elation/relief, 2020 is almost done! And I want to send it out with fierce excitement for the potential of 2021. In that spirt, I’ve created some new coaching offerings: 2021 MOMENTUM SESSIONS.

These are one off coaching sessions—just a one and done, designed to support you in creating the 2021 your heart/life/soul needs! These sessions include a tiny bit of pre-work to get your inspiration, creativity, and energy going, one hour of personalized coaching and activities from a certified coach (ME!), and a 15 minute follow up power coaching session one month later to keep your momentum going. All for a ridiculous rate because 2020 doesn’t need any more stress (and y’all, I get to live my best life coaching with YOU!!!!)

Choose one of three session themes in the slideshow below:

Find a one-hour timeslot that works on my online scheduling site. Once you're scheduled, you'll receive an electronic invoice for JUST $49. Use that link to pay for your session and your time is officially reserved. A few days prior to your 2021 MOMENTUM Session, you'll receive materials to guide you before and during your session.

Have I mentioned the gift certificate option? Here’s your chance to ask your friends, family, or maybe even perfect strangers to gift this to you. Even better, you can gift it to others who would LOVE it! For gift certificates, just send me an email:

Finally, referrals and passing this information on are the HIGHEST compliments I can get. So, a little incentive. If you spread the word and someone signs up saying you were how they found out about this, you get a 20% discount on your next coaching session(s) with me, including packages! This offer (and discount) expire March 31, 2021.

Get ready to ride your MOMENTUM into 2021!!!

A happy coach living an amazing life.
Photo Credit: Jessica Ratterree Photography

With love always,


P.S. When you buy from a small business, a real live actual human does a happy dance. I’ll send you a video of my dance to prove it!

P.P.S. You may not want to receive emails from me. No offense taken! Feel free to unsubscribe or send me an email, and I’ll take you off the list.


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