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"Marriage is a Group Project"

(Newsletter originally sent on September 12, 2022)

This phrase suddenly came out of my mouth as I was being coached by my amazing colleagues Jen and Sam. And I immediately grimaced. I hate(d) group projects. It was so much easier to do it myself, know it was done "right", and have it over with. I like(d) that control. Sam later added "It's also pass/fail grade and never ends." Thanks for those cherries on top, Sam. These thoughts rocked me to the core. If I see marriage as a group project, and my immediate reaction to group projects is loathing, how am I showing up in this lifelong ungraded group project? Whew. Talk about needing some time to think (and maybe an appointment with my therapist). Once I could step back from my initial reaction, I started to reframe. I've been part of so

me incredible group projects with unique members who had significant talents and perspectives. We didn't always agree on how to get from point A to point B, yet navigated those challenges in ways that made the final product better. When those amazing groups threw the "norm" out the window, challenged expectations, and embraced a-typical approaches, we were unstoppable. So my wildly independent side is remembering that there have been a lot of group projects that worked out pretty damn well. And in spite of hard seasons, my marriage is one of them.

Amplifying Women's Voices

I'm THRILLED to be part of a powerhouse panel at this month's Amplifying Women's Voices on September 28 from 5:15-7:15. We're going to be discussing overcoming imposter syndrome, something so many of us struggle with (see my inner critic saying "How are YOU on a panel with these women!?"). I'm thrilled to share a discount code (EARLY) for your registration too. I would love to see you there! Passion & Possibilities Workshop

The first ever Passion & Possibilities workshop was incredible! Participants were inspired and left with actions they committed to starting in the next two weeks! By popular request, it's coming back on October 18 from 12-1 PST. Join this free online workshop and jump start living your passions.

Crush Your Inner Critic

If we're talking about imposter syndrome, it's time to talk about crushing those inner critics again. I'll be hosting this virtual workshop on 10/13 from 12-1:30 PST. If getting back to the grind has included your inner self doubt feeling bigger, this workshop will downsize that doubt ASAP.


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