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Perspectives: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

A few weeks ago, my husband was preparing to take our kiddos skiing. They have skied a few times, but aren’t ready to take on the mountain without a pretty good amount of help. So when kiddo A finds out ski lessons will be part of the day, the first thing from their mouth is “This is going to be the worst day EVER.” Kiddo B elatedly exclaims, “I’ll go get more ice cubes so my water stays cold!” It's pretty obvious how their distinct perspectives on their worlds shows up.

We each have perspectives (conscious or subconscious) that guide us and inform what actively look for. As my coaching training emphasized “When we take a perspective on an issue, we have an opinion, a belief, assumptions and expectations. We made predictions based on the assumptions that belong to that perspective” (Co-Active Coaching, 3rd Ed., p. 133) When we can get really clear about the perspective we currently have about something, we then have the opportunity to see it from another place.

So, let’s take something you might have a perspective on, something oft debated but rarely fully settled—Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Or are Peeps are the most amazing candy out there. Did you have an immediate reaction? What was it?

Believe it or not, Diehard and Peeps, on their own, are neutral topics. It’s your reaction to those statements that highlights your perspective.

Go sit at your dinner table (and take this blog post with you). Now, imagine the perspective you currently have about Die Hard or Peeps is personified and sitting on one side of your dinner table. I’m picturing Bruce Willis or the Easter Bunny is hanging out. What do you think either of those characters have to say about the topic? How would they feel and what would they contribute to the conversation?

Now, imagine another character across the table arguing a different set of beliefs. Go sit in their chair and act out the perspective from their viewpoint. What would that character say?

What if you could assign a person or perspective to every spot at your table? What new ways of thinking might open up?

If you find yourself stuck in a current perspective, I dare you to draw yourself a kitchen table and some chairs around it. Write a situation that feels hard or you feel “stuck” on in the middle of the table. Add your current perspective including thoughts, feelings, emotions at the head of the table. Then try on different ways of looking at by adding different viewpoint at each seat. What would that each viewpoint value? What do they see as the most important thing?

And heck, if you’re feeling squirrelly, act this out at your very own table. The movement of your body and truly trying to be in each of the different perspectives might be just enough open up new possibilities and change everything. (Sidebar: I’m currently in a WonderLab online community through Andrea Scher, a brilliant coach, and she shared a great antidote on perspective about dinosaurs and swimming pools here.)

Why are you wanting to change your perspective on?


I’m trying out a new perspective on coaching next month: a MARCH MADNESS INTENSIVE, where a few lucky people will get the opportunity to put a full court press on unlocking their amazingness! Too many sports metaphors? I’ll tone it down! I know not everyone does likes "the sports" as my (want to be best friend) Glennon Doyle calls them.

This March Madness coaching intensive includes the following:

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